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Lil Baby Embarrasses QC As A Staff, Record Label, And A Muthfckn Crew, During Funk Flex Freestyle


On the eve of Lil Baby dropping his new album and news of him now charging 300K + for a feature, he hopped his autotune ass on Funk Flex and tried to freestyle. I want to emphasize the word TRIED.

This was not it on so many levels.

This freestyle is a result of what happens when a rapper is anointed as great by the blogs and not by the fans. He allowed all the GOAT talk and ramblings of DJ Akademiks to go to his head, and that is why he feels comfortable going up to Funk Flex and mumbling into the mic.

Lil Baby needs to shit his ass down with the women of QC and get some pointers.




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1 Comment

I just....I just never understood the hype. This is exactly what happens when we allow MEN in the industry to do whatever and put out whatever.

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