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Lil Baby attempted to Freestyle on Funk Flex. I give him props for putting himself out there, considering the type of rapper he is. I do find it interesting how all the QC artists are switching lanes. Ole Girl wants to be viewed as a writer and dropped a freestyle, Lil Baby is freestyling, City Girls are speaking more about the music and their influence, Offset tried to drop an introspective album.

I feel like QC realized that even though they were getting industry support for their artists, the respect was not there on the level of the labels they were trying to be like. That whole narrative about fans not caring about who writes rhymes and only "old heads" do freestyles did not really catch on with the majority of fans. I think QC realizes that their artists have to do what Young Money, Ruff Ryders, and Cash Money artists did. You gotta prove yourself with skills, not smoke and mirrors.


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