Lil Kim Influenced More Than Wigs, Fashion, and Sexually Explicit Lyrics In Female Rap

I am not even going to make this post long, but I gotta say something. I woke up to people reposting their "Lil Kim influenced every female rapper" photos...again.

I do not mind people paying homage to Lil Kim for her role in female rap, but if you're going to give Kim her flowers for what she influenced, then at least move past wigs and be honest about her full influence. We already know about the Party City wigs, high fashion, and being sexually explicit. But, Lil Kim's influence goes beyond those three elements.

Lil Kim started the One Queen Rule, which led to meaningless beefs between female rappers over this imaginary crown. She taught the girls that if you're not the Queen, then you are the peasant.

When journalists address the "One Queen" issue, they often ignore Lil Kim's role in pushing that narrative and opt to place blame on another female rapper. People have got to stop coddling Kim and be honest about her TOTAL influence. Oh, and stop exaggerating the reach of her influence and acting like she has no influences.

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