Lil Kim Wanted To Be Known As A Dope Rapper



I saw this video of Lil Kim speaking on making her second album and I am surprised to see that Kim actually wanted to tone down the hypersexuality and wanted people to know her as a dope rapper.

I never got the feeling that Lil Kim cared about anything but fashion. Yes, she can rap, but she also had a reputation for being lazy and over the years seemed more bothered about who wore what first than who wrote the better rhymes. So, this surprised me.


This video confirms my belief that Lil Kim's issues with NM are way deeper than wigs. NM represents who Lil Kim thought she would be if only things were different. You are not mad at someone for over 10 years because of a wig and some outfits. Damn, I wish I still had my piece I wrote on IG addressing why I think Lil Kim has maintained her bitterness towards NM for so long.


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