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Fan Tells Lil Nas X He Is Tired Of Him Using Being Gay As His Entire Identity And Artistry


Lil Nas X tweeted, "Y'all love saying I'm being gay for success but can't name 5 successful gay male artists in the last 10 years to save your life."

Yeah, and if Lil Nas X wasn't dragged out of the closet by the Barbz, his name probably woudn't be included on a list of successful gay artists right now. Let's not forget that he only came out after "Old Town Road" was a smash hit, and he realized his old "friends" were not going to let up on his ass. Lil Nas X was not let'n his rainbow flag wave proudly before getting to a particular spot. So, his success came while he was passing (to some) as straight. That is where my sympathy for Lil Nas X ends. I think it's corny to "out" people before they are ready and just to be spiteful.

With that said, I do agree with this response to Lil Nas X, "I just wouldn't say you're being gay for success...BUT you're using being gay (as) you're entire identity and artistry. It's tired."

I know it's politically correct to coddle Lil Nas X and pretend like artists from Boy George to Ricky Martin to Frank Ocean never existed, but I don't coddle trolls. It would be one thing if Lil Nas X was drawing attention to LGBTQ issues or putting on other gay artists, but he is not. He is using tactics straight from the Cardi B and 6ix9ine's playbook. He is creating a situation where he is fooling people into believing they are not just supporting his music but a bigger cause. With Cardi, it was a Cinderella story / stopping Nicki Minaj from being a "bully." 6ix9ine it was this kid who was used by a gang and only snitched because they betrayed him. Lil Nas X is this "rapper" who risked it all by coming out of the closet to a culture that is known to be homophobic.

While Lil Nas X's narrative has an authenticity to it, he ruins it when he does clown shit like he did the other day. Nas X lied about Montero being removed from streaming services and urged his fans to hurry up and play the song as if that would fix the problem. The story spun by fans who believed his lie was that

streaming platforms were silencing a gay boy who fought back against people who said he would go to hell for being gay. However, the story disappeared once people started getting suspicious.

We are in a time when artists are openly being Blackballed and sabotaged. I take that shit seriously. So, if his music was really be removed from streaming platforms in an attempt to please certain groups, I would have been one of the first to write something about it. But, now, if he claims some sort of blackballing, I will probably be in the middle to last cause I gotta wait to see if he is trolling again.

This turned out way longer than I expected, but I just know if a Black female did what Lil Nas X did, both straight and gay men would have so much to say about it.


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