Lisa Raye sat down for an interview with The Breakfast Club, and DJ Envy just needed to know if the Barbz were still chasing her around. Lisa explained that she did not even know the Barbz were after her until Vivica A. Fox alerted her. She stated that "I'm way above anybody that wanna come after someone who they don't know, wanna misappropriate what I said and take it out of context. I don't have time to be fighting that kinda fight." I do agree that there are way more important fights to be fighting and questions to be asked.

Lisa then added, "I'm not saying that you're supposed to kiss ass. I'm not saying that because I don't believe in that. But what I am saying is pay homage to the people that is there before you."


Lisa Raye is full of sh*t, and there is a reason they all apologize for their comments. When you say with a stank face and attitude, "So Nicki just take a seat. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SIT DOWN FOR LONG. Just take a bow. Like Beyonce said, "Bow Down Bitches." There is no other way to interpret that comment, especially when your co-host's eyes all grow wide with shock. Even when Beyonce dropped that song, she received backlash for it because some took offense to being told to "bow down, bitches." Another thing, Lisa doesn't know Nicki, so why did she assume Nicki did not pay homage and then appoint herself the homage police? Just like she doesn't want people who don't know her coming at her, extend that same courtesy to others. She should have just admitted that she was trying to ride for a friend and rode too hard lol.

Anyways, I guess Vivica will have to tell her about the "Trollz" verse...bwhahahahaaha!

Here is a clip of Lisa Raye's "Bow Down" comment:

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