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Lizzo has decided to challenge all of us to NOT REWARD NEGATIVITY. She said in a video posted on her Instagram page:

"Hey, so I get it you want to be viral. We've seen people who make viral posts become, you know, internet celebrities and actually start making some money and have careers, I get the appeal. But, here is a challenge, we as a people, how about we stop rewarding negativity? How about we stop boosting hurtful and hateful things on the internet? If you see a post about somebody and it's maybe something you wouldn't want to hear about yourself or someone you loved how about you not share it? How bout not repost it? Even if you don't like it, don't like hate it, you know...and why don't we reward positive things. How bout we reward good things that we see on the internet? Here's a challenge today and today only and hopefully for the rest of your days. When you see something on the internet that's good, boost that and don't boost this negative bullying that we've gotten used to."

I don't know what sparked this message from Lizzo today, but it is definitely needed. We all know that Lizzo, who became a popular target of internet bullies after finding music charts and Grammy success. However, she has not allowed the internet to dictate her happiness. She has used her platform to spread

body positivity and enjoying life. Nonetheless, having a positive attitude does not mean you don't see what people are saying and that your feelings don't get hurt. I just watched a video by YouTuber, Paris Milan, where she addressed people trying to body-shame Megan Thee Stallion after her Tidal virtual performance by comparing her to Lizzo. Even though the comments targeted Megan, Lizzo was body-shamed too. I don't know if her video was addressing those Goofys. There is also the disgusting realization that Chadwick Boseman, who was fighting colon cancer, died with people ridiculing him over his weight loss instead of praising him for his Black excellence. There are so many reasons that could have compelled Lizzo to post that video, and that is the problem.



Lizzo's video got me thinking about the role "urban news" blogs play in this hyper-negativity that has infected the culture. A lot of news blogs that cater to a Black audience are selling pessimism & suspicion about Black entertainers if you notice. I feel like that played a massive role in how Chadwick Boseman was treated before his death. You got people sitting all day on these blogs and Youtube pages watching our artists being torn down for entertainment.

Y'all know I could go much deeper into this topic, but I just want y'all to think about what image of Black entertainers, especially Black female rappers, are you seeing daily.


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