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Lizzo And Cardi B Team Up On "Rumors" + Why Does Everything Look Like WAP?




After throwing a tantrum and blaming Black women for her collab collapse with Normani and failing to produce the cultural reset promised, Cardi B has left Normani to deal with the fallout and has now moved on to ride Lizzo's wave.

Yesterday, Lizzo announced that labelmate Cardi B, not Harry Styles, will be featured on her comeback single, "Rumors." She posted a snippet of the song on her TikTok, and it has the same vibe as her hit song "Truth Hurts," which, like with Normani's "Wild Side," makes me question if Cardi B will be able to add to the song instead of subtracting from it.

Both Grammy-winning artists have something to prove. Lizzo is trying to avoid the fall off, while Cardi B is trying to prove that she can deliver when it comes to features.


Lizzo's Rumors Cover Art Looks Like WAP




Along with the announcement of the collaboration, Lizzo revealed the deja vu artwork for "Rumors,"which looks like the cousin to WAP.

Two things are going on regarding the art direction of Cardi B-assisted songs. First, Cardi B is not only a stats whore; she's become a credit whore. The whole Normani fiasco boils down to Cardi B's ego and need to be seen as Normani's savior. To me, it looks like Cardi is searching for validation that she can't find as a rapper because she doesn't write her rhymes, doesn't have the best flow, can't freestyle...etc, etc.

Lizzo Rumors looks like WAP

So, since her videos have always gotten positive feedback, she wants credit as the "creative director." That would put her in a unique position compared to her peers. The problem is Cardi B keeps duplicating WAP, a project where Patientce Foster was the creative director. Since her fallout with Patientce, she is stuck mimicking her work repeatedly because she was never the person behind the concepts and ideas.

I have spoken multiple times about how Cardi B is the Keyser Soze of Hip Hop. She nibbles off different artists and activists and then presents pieces of their artwork or lives as her own.

The second thing that I believe is going on is Cardi B is desperately trying to prove that she doesn't need Patientce on her team. Patientce recently said, "Some of y'all avoid empowering the people around you because you fear they will leverage a level of success that will surpass your own." I believe that was directed at Cardi B.

All I know is that by the time I finish this article, Cardi B better be one number short of dialing Patientce for help cause she needs it.


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