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Lizzo's New Song "Rumors" Is Described As "Very Different"

Lizzo announces new music "Rumors"


Lizzo is returning!

People forget that Atlantic Records has more than one chart-topping, Grammy-winning female artist on their roster. Along with Cardi B, there is Lizzo, who unexpectedly captured music listeners' hearts with her catchy song, "Truth Hurts." A fun fact about that song is that it was initially released in 2017 before Atlantic re-released it in 2019 as a single. It became a viral hit on TikTok before people knew the app's power. Lizzo went on to grab a #1 song and 3 Grammys.

After collecting her Grammys, Lizzo took a break and started going viral for things that were non-music

related. But now it looks like the Houston native is ready to get back to music. On her Instagram page, she posted a photo with the caption, "NEW ERA BITCH. 'RUMORS. ' 8/13. 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫."

If you remember, last week, Lizzo cleared up the rumor that she killed a fan by stage diving at a show. I thought that was so odd to address an old and obviously fake rumor. But now I see it was part of her rollout for this new single.

According to Variety, the song is described as "very different." Hmmm...Lizzo is a singer/rapper/flute player, so she could be doing anything.


Y'all exciting about Lizzo's return?


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She gave a little snippet of the song on TikTok.

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