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Lizzo Voted To Nominate Saucy Santana For A Best New Artist Grammy

Lizzo Voted For Saucy Santana To Be Nominated For a Grammy.


Saucy Santana hopped on IG Live with Lizzo, revealing that she voted for him to be nominated for a Grammy in Best New Artist. Besides just loving the support these artists are showing each other, I hope you caught the part about SHE VOTED for Saucy to be nominated.

Yes, people, that narrative sold to y'all about the 5 white guys sitting in a room picking Grammy nominations and the winners is a LIE!!! Instead, it is the artists, producers, songwriters, executives, bloggers, podcasters, and H.E.R.'s daddy voting. All the people y'all love or drag on social media.


Speak, Heart, Share...Thanks!

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