Meagan Good posted the above video on Instagram showing off her glowing skin. Well, someone decided to let Meagan know that she looked better with dark skin. The commenter said,

"Meagan looked better dark skin...She not so pretty anymore she looks average... But her dark skin was above average.... Why did she bleach"

Meagan responded to the girl by explaining why she looks so different. Meagan said she did not bleach skin. An unlicensed aesthetician gave her a product to correct sun damage on her forehead, and it messed up her skin. She is currently 80% through recovery and regaining her color daily. It has been a painful and traumatic experience for her. She ended it with tell the girl she would appreciate it if she would stop spreading assumptions and rumors.

I love how Meagan handled that. She did not get angry and go off on the girl. Meagan also did not act like there has not been a change in her look. She simply explained why the skin color change and where she currently is with her recovery. If people can't understand that, then they just don't want to understand.

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