Meek decides to catch another L by announcing that Akademiks is canceled.

This is why cancel culture does not work because it's always problematic muthfckaz like Meek and Akademiks trying to cancel someone. Meek has not canceled Quilly but out here still playing with AK. I can't say AK hasn't brought it on himself, but Meek has no sway outside of Wayno lol. Akademiks is doing to get what he deserves but not from Meek Luther King. Let me just get my popcorn because it's two corny mofos fighting.

Y'all should have seen Akademiks last night going in on Ben Baller. Aks true colors came shining through in the rant. The Asian community may want to have some words with Akademiks. He was trying to start a race war.

Freddie Gibbs out here making shirts lol.

The Boys Are Fighttttting!

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