Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Y'all know that I love exposing the media. I swear my tail gets to wagg'n, my pussy gets to poppin.

The narrative spin being pushed by some in media is that Nicki Minaj and Meek both "beefed" to promote their new music. The only reason the media feel comfortable pushing this narrative is because their audience has shown they are gullible enough to believe it. Since they cannot justify Meek's actions, they need to just say both were wrong. The problem with this narrative is twofold.


This narrative falsely puts Meek on the same level of stardom as Nicki Minaj. I don't care how much the men in the media want Meek to be a superstar, he is not. Just like with his labelmate, fake stories don't lead to sales or fans.

The media wants us to believe that Nicki Minaj needs to use a fake beef

with Meek to promote her music...since when? Nicki Minaj got great reviews on her collab with Meghan Trainor without any "beef". She posted a clip of her new song "Yikes" and got great reviews, even with the media trying to create drama, without a "beef" with Meek. We all knew she was going to drop this song.

What we did not know was Meek had a song coming. Which explains why he was looking at photos of Kenny and making sure people saw he "Like" the post. He was trying to poke at Nicki and got poked back. He then announced a surprise drop with Justin Timberlake and promoted his baby mama's business. Now, who was using what for what????

Also, rappers all know that if you want to promote a song, you "beef" up. Nicki beefing with Meek is "beefing" down. Nicki has NEVER benefitted from a rap beef. You can tell Nicki realized that she helped Meek promote his sh*t when she spoke about the spat on her Pollstar interview. The interview that everyone is talking about, while they are rolling their eyes at Meek's surprise announcement.


Another reason the media is trying to dismiss this as simply music promo is because Nicki Minaj made some serious allegations that are more than likely

true. So, the boy that the media/industry is trying to turn into a superstar just got exposed because he couldn't control his "Like" button. Not only that, I am sure people know how Meek is and are cover it up, "Hi R. Kelly". Isn't the industry filled with men like Meek?

Speaking of the industry, Meek decided to tweet about rapists and let'n certain types of people in the industry. I think this pissed off everyone but Nicki Minaj. Does Meek really want people to start calling out rapists and women beaters within Hip Hop? His big mouth potentially could open a can of worms if women in the industry get their sh*t together. He is talking sh*t after the Deborah Dugan allegations???

Let me make this clear for the dummies on social media. In NO WAY does the mention of Nicki's brother help Nicki with selling music. I dare anyone to make that argument.

So, dismissing abuse allegations as "messy" is the media's way of deflecting from a serious issue within Hip Hop. They can't let the abuse of female rappers get in the way of making money.


Besides Nicki hiring a lawyer for her little brother to sue Meek, I want all these pro-women veterans to stand up. Why aren't the veteran female rappers, who

no longer rap, not creating safe places for female rappers to go? An organization by female rappers for female rappers. There are too many women in Hip Hop being put in uncomfortable positions because male rappers feel women have no power. In a sense, only Nicki Minaj has real power.

I do not want to see veteran female rappers being celebrated as pro-women, while artists like Melii are having their careers sabotaged by men. Talk about stopping bags.



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