Meek Mill Is Going Copyright Strike If You Post A Snippet Of His Tacky Kobe Bryant Verse


Meek Mill continues to make dookie booty niggas look worse than their name suggests, LOL. His verse mentioning Kobe Bryant from an upcoming song with Lil Baby has resurfaced on social media. Meek raps, "I'll go out with my choppa; it'll be another Kobe."

This verse has been out for a while, but I guess because people really don't listen to Meek, no one noticed. However, now that he is out showing photos hanging with Lil Baby, people are getting excited about this song, so his verse is now getting a closer look by fans.

What I found interesting was the number of complaints by content creators and takedown notices I see on Twitter. Meek is not allowing this verse to be posted, or you will be hit with a copyright strike.

This is just a sample of what I saw when looking up the snippet. There are also some bloggers calling out Meek for reporting their channels.

You would think someone like Meek would want snippets of his song reposted, but he is getting side-eyed so hard, the copyright notices are flying, LOL.

Meek's DJ Khaled album may do good because of all the features, but until he does right by the people he has wronged, everything he touches will turn to dust.


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