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Meek Mill Is The Latest Artist To Claim He Is Being "Blackballed" By Atlantic Records


Atlantic Records, how is 2022 treating you so far?

First, NBA Youngboy accuses Atlantic of "blackballing" him and preventing his mixtapes from going #1. Now, Meek Mill, following in NBA's footsteps, uses his Twitter fingers to call out the label too.

Meek starts his Twitter rant with:

"So look, I made Atlantic records 100's of millions and let them rape me out Roddy a, artist they came to me about in jail … they still saying I can't drop music until 9 months after my last album got blackballed; just wrapped buildings and Nina art with talent."

To add some context to the first half of his tweet, back in 2018, many believed Roddy Ricch was signing to Meek's Dream Chasers after Meek presented the Compton rapper with a DC chain during a live performance and called him the "next best thing out of the West." However, Roddy had a change of heart and signed with Atlantic Records. The rest is history... for Roddy.

Meek has always appeared bitter about missing out on signing Roddy and allegedly feels his co-sign made Roddy hot. This is why many believed Meek's 2019 tweet was directed at him:

What is with Meek's obsession with using the word "rape?"

Anyways, Meek went on to post 6 more tweets airing out his grievances, which includes allegations that "Expensive Pain" was "blackballed" and that Atlantic put nothing behind that project. Now, he is stuck waiting 9 months before he can put out more music for us all to ignore.

I could have sworn he got a lot of promo and backlash over the artwork for his album being plastered all over buses and different areas? I am sure that cost a lot of money.

I do not feel bad for Meekiana. I am saving all my sympathy for the Black women who not only have to deal with predatory record labels but predatory men/women in the industry.


Atlantic Records continues to build a reputation for being one of the worst labels to sign to. How many artists have begged to be off this label...TOO MANY. The rumors about the tricks they employ to seem successful are numerous. Their chairwoman and COO, Julie Greenwald, purportedly once told Drew Dixon, who at the time was a young executive, that if she wanted to move ahead, "you should come to the Hamptons and bring your kneepads." What more needs to be said?


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I am SO glad you added context to that tweet because I was lost!! I guess Meek was inspired to say something after seeing Youngboy speak out 🙄. Like you said I’m saving my sympathy as well, people only speak out when it impacts them smh.

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