Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Roc Nation's finest, Meek Mill, dropped a new song/video called "Believe" with culture vulture, turned wilderness man, turned back to culture vulture Justin Timberlake.

The song should have been called "Forgettable". It's a very Atlantic Records "cookie-cutter, I really want an anthem" type of song. It gave me "Holy Grail" vibes and that is not a good thing because I did not like that song either.

The chorus is:

You know I still believe, still believe in you and me 'Cause every night I go to sleep, go to sleep I can see it like a movie in my dreams Put my face in the dirt on the ground Still, I raise up to take back the crown, yes You can break my body But you can't lock the soul of a man down (Yeah, uh)

The biggest problem with "Believe" is that I do not believe in Meek as a motivational rapper, as a criminal justice warrior, as a man, as a person who knows how to use lotion. It's all so fake. He needs to rap about the bullsh*t that he tweets about.

While his Twitter stunt has gotten this song way more attention than it would have ever gotten, I do not think in the long run it was worth it. We will see if Meek can stay "motivational" as reality sets in.


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