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Meek Mill Gets Dragged For Filming Himself Giving Atlanta Waterboys $20 To Split


Meek Mill is addicted to taking "Ls," even on a Sunday.

He decided to post a video of himself in Atlanta giving the local waterboys $20 to split. There are about 6 boys. The boys are begging for more and they are told to split it without any shame. Damn, Meek never heard of inflation in the "trenches?"

What I want to know is who got more, those waterboys or an artist signed by Meek??? ''

Well, Twitter was not impressed and is dragging him per usual.


Meek keeps giving validity to the rumors he is having money problems or he's an asshole. Meek is not obligated to give the kids anything, but if you're going to film yourself doing a "good deed" then do it right. Plus, with the way Meek loves to lecturer others on money and the "trenches."


Tokyo Vanity stands with Meek.


Meek just doesn't understand why he is not being praised lol


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