Updated: Apr 17, 2020


Megan Thee Stallion got "ANOTHER ONE" (DJ Khaled voice).

1501 Certified Ent. was denied their request to force Megan Thee Stallion to renegotiate her contract through arbitration. She is free to continue her complaint against 1501 and Carl Crawford in court.



Bossip is reporting that 1501 Certified Entertainment has filed papers to make details of Megan Thee Stallion's case against them private. As we all know, her contract stated she must handle any issues with 1501 through private arbitration.

I find it funny that now after all the long posts from J Prince and the interviews by Carl Crawford, they want things sealed and private. I guess Megan telling everyone that the papers are public record got them running scared lol.

It's also interesting that with all the things Carl and J Prince have accused Megan of; the only time they want to take legal action is to keep things hush.


TMuthafcknZ is reporting that on Monday, March 2nd, Megan Thee Stallion sued 1501 Ent/Carl Crawford so that she could release new music THIS FRIDAY!!!

In the lawsuit, Megan claims that 1501 Certified Ent. gets 60% of her recording income and all the money from her live shows and touring is paid directly to them. The label is supposed to provide her with a monthly accounting of what she owes, etc, but has failed to fulfill their obligations. Whew...Chile, the 360 jumped out.

The interesting part is that Megan sees what I see, J Prince is a problem. In the lawsuit, she claims, "Prince is notorious in the industry for strong-armed intimidation tactics, and the comment was taken as a physical threat of harm." Please watch over Megan Lawd! She claims they are the ones who put out her past arrest.

The judge sided with Megan and we are getting new music this Friday. It's funny you had people talking about #Karma. Karma is not every bad thing that happens to you and those haters will find out what real karma is.

We know that blackballing is popular in the industry, especially with women. We as fans can stop any blackballing.


I find it funny that there was not this much talk about honoring contracts, blah, blah when Offset whispered into Ole Girl's ears and got her to bounce on her contract with her ex-manager Shaft and sign with QC. It's OK because of people like QC and Migos...pfffttt.

To be clear, I do not advocate people breaking their contracts just for the fun of it. If you signed it and there was no duress or fraud involved....WELP. But, I do feel people have the right to ask to renegotiate. The other party is not obligated to grant your wishes, but closed mouths don't get fed. With that said, when the other party tries to prevent you from completing your contractual obligations in order to keep you locked in, then all bets are off. There is no more good faith between the parties. Fck'em.


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