Megan Thee Stallion And EJ Fight? JT Uses Tommie As A Cleaning Rag?


On his Tasha K inspired Youtube show, Jason Lee, spilled some hot water on what went down with Megan Thee Stallion and JT, of the City Girls, at Cardi B’s Birthday party. I am not sure what JT did to him, but he has made it clear that he is pouting over Megan refusing to allow him to bully her into doing his show. So he is using his platform in the same way Perez Hilton used his against Christina Aguilera.

Anyhoo, he is pushing the drunk narrative onto Megan Thee Stallion…again. Apparently, everyone can hold their liquor, but the girl known for “driving the boat.” However, that may be true because Meg did

upload a topless photo of herself onto IG…wait that wasn’t her. Ok, back to the hot water. He claims that Megan was giving EJ the Nicki Minaj gun fingers all up in his face when they saw each other at the party. Jason alleges he saw this with his own eyes but did not bother to get any proof. What I find odd is that Jason, as a blogger, would allegedly see something go down between Meg and EJ and wouldn't bother to get video or photos???? Jason also had his own photographer there at the party, and he did not get a picture??? Does Jason really think he has the type of credibility where if he says something, people will automatically believe it, outside of the messy blog circle???? I need proof when it comes to Jason Lee, especially when it is in reference to certain people. This story could be true because I think EJ does deserve some gun fingers in his face; however, I don't know if it would be done at the birthday party with so many industry people and bloggers lurking. So, I have to ask again, what blogger would not get a photo or video that we all know would go viral? A blogger that is lying?

Moving on…he claims that JT was riding for Megan in the alleged face-to-face with EJ. He also claims she was drunk, too…OK. I see a pattern with Mr. Lee. He then said that when JT wanted to take a photo with Megan and used Tommie's outfit as a cleaning rag…YIKES! That story may be true, LOL.

What y'all think?


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