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Megan Thee Stallion And Lady London Dropping New Music This Friday


Megan Thee Stallion announces her new single, "Pressurelicious," by dropping an "American Horror Story - Rubber Woman" type cover, and I'm here for it. The girls are actually dropping artwork that I want to look at more than once. Let's hope that translate into me wanting to play this song more than once.

This Hit Kidd-produced track features one of my least favorite rappers, Future. Hopefully, he is just featured on the hook and leaves the main rapping to Megan. I also hope a music video is ready to go for this song.

Hit Kidd has been killing it with Glorilla and her crew, so this could be interesting. Megan described the track as "fun" in her recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Song drops tomorrow night.


Also, dropping is another one of my faves Lady London. Fresh off her stellar freestyle on Funk Flex, she is dropping a new song, "What Is It Giving." I'm feeling the snippet she posted; check it out below.


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
21 ביולי 2022


Oh I like that snippet! And chile I hope this future collab hit. I know it's gone chart but I hope it's good.

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