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Megan Thee Stallion Crowned Freestyle Queen After Dropping "Outta Town" Freestyle


How appropriate on Throwback Thursday that Megan Thee Stallion would pause her vacation to drop a new freestyle over an old beat. Meg has social media buzzing about her "Outta Town Freestyle." While people love debating if she deserves awards, what doesn't get much debate is her Queen status when it comes to this freestyle shit. Megan's confident flow and "rewind that" lyrics never fail to make even the biggest critics a fan, even if it's just for a day.


I tried my best to write out the full lyrics to the freestyle.

"I got a nasty lil fetish, I'm a nasty lil bitch

I love to shit on these niggas, I love to piss off a bitch

I don't announce my moves, I like to keep shit private

Just know a bitch been working when I been too silent

All you hoes can suck my pussy disrespectfully

How a hoe gonna punk me out my spot they can't get next to me

Yo vocab don't past period (.), hoe don't question(?) me

Any nigga publicly hating is making less than me - I bet you

They should call me Dr. Miami because I bodied them

Hoe gotta dick-ride niggas to get co-signs from them

Bitches buy one lil purse and think we Prada them

The bar gonna stay in here, cause them Twitter comments gonna lie to them

I am not the new her, I am way cool-er

Megan is a force, so you know I need 2 perr (pair)

Told you I'm Regina but these bitches ain't gonna Cady me

If she moving funny then I get the hoe away from me

Head game crazy - yeah, I don't want no babies yet

Everytime he buss I tell him aim at my esophagus

All these niggas on my body like a Fashionnova set

Only time they trending is when they diss me but I'm on to that

Hoes don't get responses, yellow tape I move with caution

All these niggas acting pussy probably learned it from their father

Fuck yo mama too if she birth a pick me ass daughter

I'll go to war, finish it with any bitch who started"


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