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This Friday, Megan Thee Stallion will drop a new track called "Girls In The Hood." The song samples the west coast classic "Boyz N The Hood" by Eazy-E. We gotta remember that Megan is from the SouthWEST. First, she sampled 2 Pac for B.I.T.C.H. and now this. No offense to Saweetie, but we are adopting Megan to rep for the best coast, AKA the WEST COAST!


The track is produced by Scott Storch and Illa


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Yes, that makes sense I forgot that meek and cardi collaborated. Lol

Also Nicki does have her foot on Meek’s neck ever seen they beefed on Twitter. All her songs since then have a line dragging him. As she should though!


Nicki wasn’t speaking on Meg, I doubt she cares. The comment was for Meek and how he worked with Drake and Cardi when he was the main one going hard about writing your own lyrics.

Hey Kyle may have that connection to know who is on it but then again he’s been wrong before actually many times when he thought he had an exclusive so we will just see.


I think it is Cardi. Someone asked him if it was Nicki and he said no. Then a few comments later he wrote this 😬 I mean yikes I hope it’s not true like someone said above a collab between them only benefits Cardi. But you remember when TROLLZ dropped Nicki said “ya’ll want to talk about people that don’t write their raps one minute then do songs with people that don’t write their raps the next minute” lol I wonder if she knew of the possible collab coming like the industry do have inside information before it becomes public.


No offense to Saweetie 😂😂😂😂😂


Everybody talking about Nicki or Meg, I feel like it’s the city girls. I mean come on look at the title and the only thing that gives me Cardi vibes is this picture with the print and Cardi coming in with her blood attire😂🤦🏾‍♀️ But I think it’s the City Girls overall.

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