The Princess of Rap is looking flawless on the cover of Variety's "Power of Young Hollywood," wearing a coat made out of her enemies...YASSSS!!!!


Variety profiled three young stars making an impact on the entertainment industry, and Megan Thee Stallion is one of those stars! This interview was scheduled, but due to the Tory Lanez incident did not happen until Megan was ready to talk. So, nine days after the incident is when this interview was conducted. Questions about that incident were off-limits.

In the Variety profile, Megan Thee Stallion revealed that she hopes to drop her debut album by the end of summer. The album will introduce a new persona that she describes as, "The leader of all them (other personas), the boss." She has also started working on a horror screenplay, “It’s gonna be something that definitely blows your mind; you’ve never seen it before,” Megan says. I love that Megan is showing her talents outside of rap in something that is not connected to the beauty industry but also still highlights her writing ability.

Nicki Minaj is quoted as saying, “One of my favorite things about Meg is her desire to further her

education,” she tells Variety. “It’s so important for women to feel inspired to achieve goals outside of social media, where the focus is usually placed on their bodies or who they’re dating at the time. Women are more than just baby mamas, and we can continue to prove that by being goal-oriented, bettering ourselves, and being independent. Megan is the perfect example that we can have fun and be smart at the same time.”

Variety spoke to Megan about where her self-confidence comes from. Remember when responding to 1501 Ent. claims she posted, “I will stand up for myself and won’t allow two men to bully me, I am NO ONE’S PROPERTY.” Megan explains that she gets her self-confidence from being raised by strong women like her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She said, "My mom told me I was great, so that must mean I’m great!’

This is how more Black girls need to be raised. It's better to have an overconfident Black child than what we see on social media now. A lot of people expose their insecurities by how they react to things. RIP Holly!

Megan Thee Stallion ended her interview by let'n Variety know, "I just want y’all to know a bitch is alive and well and strong as f—, and ready to get back to my regular programming.” She revealed that after the "WAP" song, she hopes to drop her album, where she will address the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, y'all know I am here for this.

“I feel like everything that’s going on right now, if it hasn’t moved you to speak out or try to make some type of difference, then something might be slightly wrong with you,” she says. “Even though I haven’t already come out with a song with that messaging, I definitely plan on it.” - Megan Thee Stallion

Megan's last words, “The only thing I don’t like about having all eyes on you at all times is not all eyes are good eyes,”


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