This Megan Thee Stallion vs. 1501 Certified Entertainment dispute may be a pain in the ass for

Megan, but it's actually great for Hip Hop. We don't ever see female rappers battling for a fairer deal. Female rappers are often too happy being one of those cautionary tales on these Behind the Music shows well after their careers have stalled.

Seeing a female rapper embroiled in a battle that does not revolve around a blog post or another female rapper is refreshing, but what is most important is this will fck'n matter long after Megan has moved on. Megan Thee Stallion will set a precedent that other female rappers will use as a blueprint.

So how we, as female fans of Hip Hop support or don't support Megan, will decide the future of many female rappers (not named Ole Girl).



There are so many blogs/shows spreading misinformation on purpose for whatever reason. It's not

like this is the first contract dispute in HIp Hop. The only difference is that this involves a Black female rapper. There is no vindictiveness when men want to renegotiate. There is no hoopla when pop stars want to renegotiate. But, for some reason, this contract dispute has brought the fangs and maliciousness that I have seen only reserved for Nicki Minaj. That could be the issue. Even though Megan is far from a Nicki Minaj clone, she does embody the same alpha-female, write my own raps, you can't tell me sh*t energy that has propelled Nicki to the top of the game. The industry spent the last 4 years trying to ruin Nicki Minaj, with the media playing a major role in that. So, there is no way the industry did all that fck-sh*t just to have Megan Thee Stallion pop up and show the girls they do not have to accept these "female rap deals" Nicki Minaj spoke about over 10 years ago.


Y'all know I love exposing false narratives and there are so many with this story. One of the narratives that J Prince started that I see others repeating is "Megan can't renegotiate before she drops a debut album."

This is public manipulation. Megan is the last female rapper you can accuse not delivering on anything. She has probably put out the most music of all the female rappers in the past couple of years. Megan has not delivered a debut album because it benefitted her label to call her ALBUMS, MIXTAPES.

In 2018, Atlantic Records was exposed for releasing albums as mixtapes to avoid fairly paying producers. This story was all over. DJ Booth, Hip Hop DX, DJ "Chipmunk" Akademiks, etc., all did stories about it. In fact, the other day someone was complaining about these "new mixtapes."

"E. Dan says there’s one one big reason why labels like Atlantic Records will often label an artist’s release as a “street album,” “commercial mixtape” or “compilation album”: to avoid being obligated to fairly compensate the producers who made beats for the project."

Let's not forget that Megan even got criticized for calling what many believed was an album, Fever, a mixtape. That happened with Tina Snow too.

Though many labels are guilty of this, Atlantic was exposed as being the worst when it comes to

this practice. 1501 has a deal with 300 Entertainment, which is distributed through Atlantic Records. This is one of the many label tricks they use against artists. Megan releasing mixtapes also benefits the label in that no matter how much music Megan releases, it never counts towards her 4 album deal. So, she could release 20 albums, and as long as they call them "mixtapes," she has not delivered a debut album in their eyes. That is a trap if you ask me.

So, don't fall for the "Megan hasn't given them a debut album" BS. She is really on her third album.

All this propaganda going against Megan is further exposing Hip Hop. If this were a play, Nicki Minaj's blackballing was the opening act, while Megan's smear campaign is the middle act. We cannot allow the men and "pick me" bitches to get to a final act.

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