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Megan Thee Stallion's Debut Album "Good News" Drops Next Week. What I Want From The Album...


Last night, Megan Thee Stallion fans received good news. The Princess of Rap is finally dropping her

highly-anticipated debut album, "Good News," on November 20th!

Yes, 8-months after getting into a contract dispute with her label, 1501 Entertainment, and them unsuccessfully trying to stop her from dropping any music and 4-months after being shot by Tory Lanez, we are finally going to hear what a Megan Thee Stallion album sounds like. We also get to meet this new alter-ego who Meg described as, "The leader of all them (other personas), the boss" in her interview with Variety Magazine.



So far, what we know about "Good News" is that it will have 17 tracks, including previously released songs Savage Remix, Girls in the Hood, and Don't Stop. I am surprised that "WAP" is not on this album. Does that mean that Ole Girl is not on the album either???

I would have preferred Megan only pick one of her previously released songs to be on the album, but I

get that Hip Hop is a stats and plaques game now. I appreciate that the album is under 20 songs, but with that, I just wish I hadn't heard 3 of the songs already. I hope there was a purpose to putting those songs at the end of "Good News." I'll address this more further below.

Also, her New York Times OP-ED will be included on the album. It will be interesting to see how it will be used.

The album artwork/looks are executed flawlessly. I mean, Megan is the talk of the town, lol. Fans may not have noticed, but if you read what the newspaper articles are talking about, it's all "Good News." Typically, artists will highlight all the gossip and sh*t talking done on blogs as a way for them to then respond with the music. However, Megan did not go the expected route by using negative headlines. With the album being called "Good News" and all the articles being positive, it really reminds me of when Megan said she would not allow all the hate to change her from being a happy person. There is too much negativity within Hip Hop, and I fully support those who do not want to add to it.




When a rapper drops his/her debut album, it's a defining moment. If it's good, it sets him/her up for a long career and a chance to be one of the GOATS. If it's not good, then it's something for the

hyper-critical media and amateurs to use against them until they drop their next album…if he or she makes it to a next album.

I want Megan's album to be closer to classic than "just good," so there are certain elements I think she needs for this album to be an undeniable hit.

While some will harp on “sHe nEeDs tO sWiTcH uP hEr fLoW.” There are highly skilled rappers, who show off all their flows, but whose albums never come up when best rap albums are discussed. Then there are rappers who don't do the multiple flow sh*t, but their albums are praised and lasting on the charts. Guess which side I want Megan on?

An album is not supposed to be the place to convince people you can rap. It's to show people that you know music, you know hits, and you know how to give the people what they want. You want to show people you can rap, save that for the freestyles, and the mixtapes. When you get to the album stage of your career, fans should already know if you can rap or not.

Plus, I feel like that narrative that Megan does not switch up her flow is false, and I would hate for her to spend an entire album trying to prove jealous STANs wrong.

Megan Thee Stallion does have different flows, but what she doesn't do is rap like she is from New York. I think that is what people want her to sound like on some tracks. People want that NY style they are used to because most of the top female rappers are from New York.

So, no her flow is not at the top of my list of concerns because if she has the right production and overall concept, then naturally, her flow will switch up to set the mood for each track.


What I need from Megan is what I need from all artists:

  • Storyline

  • Interludes

  • Continuity

Two albums I feel executed to perfection all three elements are Lauryn Hill's "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" and Beyonce's "Lemonade."



"Good News" needs to tell a complete story. By the end of listening to the album, fans should come away understand Megan Thee Stallion better as an artist and whatever overall point the album was trying to make. Now, that is up to Megan to decide what story she wants to tell.

I just don't' want her album to be like many rap albums that sound like mixtapes or playlists. The only purpose of the album is to get songs on the charts. I want a full thought-out concept.

I hope the album takes us through the different stages in her career:

  • Everyone loves Megan and her Freestyles

  • "Rough Ass Year"( losing her mother, fighting label, being shot, losing her best friend, dealing with a smear campaign/rumors)

  • Standing up for herself in a genre that blackballs Black women before they respect us

She should not avoid speaking on some of her losses and hard times. Those are going to be the parts of the album that people relate to the most. I know she is the turn-up girl, but the faster she shows she is more than that, the better it is for her career.



I know people are sick and tired of me rambling about interludes, but they help albums out so much. There are so many albums I hear that I think, "If they had interludes setting up the songs, the album would have sounded better." If interludes did not hurt Lauryn or Beyonce, it won't hurt Megan.

I feel like if Megan can have these very thought-provoking or funny interludes, it will go a long way. I do wonder if that is what the New York Times OP-ED piece will be used for.

Interludes not only set up the next song, but they set a tone and give an album a more cinematic feel.



One of my pet peeves is when artists don't have continuity throughout a project or era. I need the music, the photos, the overall feel to be connected. I hate when artists make me feel like they made an album out of old songs, and that is why the sound and artwork just don't match up.

Now, we don't know what "Good News" means to Megan, but once she finishes her rollout, I hope everything has a connection.




I am more excited than concerned, but it does kinda concern me that there may be too much Juicy J. Megan loves Juicy J, but I don't see them being Aaliyah and Timbaland or Da Brat and JD.

Also, back to her having Savage Remix, Girls In the Hood, and Don't Stop on the album. I spoke about a storyline, and I am worried that there may not be a full concept for the album with these three songs. These songs may only be used for certification purposes but not to push a project's story or vision.


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15 de nov. de 2020

I think Meg is going to shut shit down. She has too much riding on the success of this album, and I know my girl isn't going to drop the ball.


14 de nov. de 2020

@yaya do you get a lot of engagement on your website anymore? I don’t really see conversations going on anymore.

I’m curious as to what this album will sound like. I’m not excited right now because none of her music this year has done anything for me personally. I had been going back listening to her older mixtapes. But I think it’s good I don’t have a crazy high expectation. I’m curious of the production of the album and the storyline like you said.


I’m with you Yaya. I miss thought-out albums. Lauryn Hill and Beyoncé’s Lemonade were great examples. I loved Thank U Next and Pinkprint for the same reason. I do agree with you on her adding all three of those tracks especially Savage Remix because of its ties to her last EP. I think it’s just for certification purposes to stack her sales. I’m looking forward to this album, I’m going to listen before I read any reviews. I wish Dont Stop was the only single included. I have my fingers crossed for storytelling and interludes. The first song on an album is so important. I remember the first time I heard All Things Go and I was drawn in immediately…

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