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Megan Thee Stallion talks new album with Rolling Stone.

Megan Thee Stallion formerly known as Megan Jovan Ruth Pete did an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. I am not even going to lie, I read it so you wouldn't have to lol. This was a hard read. The writer, Charles Holmes, wrote this long and boring article about a rapper who is far from boring. What talent that must take...wonk, wonk.

The main point of this long-ass article is, MEGAN IS DROPPING AN ALBUM SOON! The album, Suga, will drop around May 2nd which is her mother's birthday. Since May 1st is a Friday, it will probably be on that date. This album will be more personal/introspective because Megan is no longer just making music for herself. She said she realized the people into her songs are of different races and ages. She also wants to grow with her music.

She also loved working with the Neptunes.


Below are some quotes that stood out to me.

"It’s that combination of viral-ready charm and a willingness to rap everywhere and anywhere that made Megan a new kind of star — a rapper’s rapper who no one could ignore."

"Much of Megan’s life as a celebrity is colored by a specific misogyny reserved for young black women. If she’s photographed next to a man — whether it’s Daniel Kaluuya at the BET Hip Hop Awards or Trey Songz at a club — it quickly becomes an all-consuming story about who she’s dating that’s rarely rooted in fact."

“When I started making music, I was making music that I liked,” Megan says. “I’m making ratchet shit, turn up shit. I’m doing me. I wasn’t thinking about anybody else in my music. I wasn’t thinking about kids, and I’m not thinking about other races. I wasn’t thinking about anybody but me and my brand, but when I go and I see these other artists, and when I go to some of my friend’s shows, and I’m looking at who’s in the crowd, and I’m looking at even my god-sister, they’re six, seven, eight, and they’re singing my songs. I’m like, ‘Okay. Let me give y’all something a little deeper, because I definitely want to grow with my music. I want to grow up with my music. That was me making music as a freshman in college.”

Megan Thee Stallion talks new album with Rolling Stone.

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