Instagram Live has been the place to be, especially for artists, during this 2020 Quarantine Season. That is where I found former The Four contestant, Cervena Jones, doing a live jam session with fans. During her Live, producer J. White Did It, the man behind Megan Thee Stallion's viral hit song, "Savage," joined her on camera. They ended up playing a song that J. White Did It produced for her.

At one point in the Live, a fan wrote, "Sing Savage before you leave." With J. White Did It's help on the lyrics, Cervena did this AH-MAZING acoustic remix to Megan's "Savage." This was off the top of her head. This girl is obviously very talented. I did not watch The Four, so I am just learning about her.


I would love for Megan Thee Stallion to do an R&B remix to "Savage." Do y'all remember how

Jermaine Dupri created Jagged Edge's R&B ballad "Let's Get Married," and then did the remix with a totally different Hip Hop beat? Both versions are great but in different ways, because they are for different moods. I want REAL REMIXES to make a comeback. This lazy-ass just inserts a verse remix sh*t is BORING!

I hope J. White Did It asks Megan about doing an R&B remix because I think it will be huge if done right. Really, they may need to call Jermaine Dupri to do it since it's not supposed to be the same beat. I need the "Savage" R&B-mix.


Speaking of "Savage," it debuted on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. On Apple Music, the song is #10 (all genres) and #3 (Hip-Hop), and #4 on iTunes.

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