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Megan Thee Stallion Sets Twitter On Fire After IG Photo Dump And Teases Traumazine Deluxe Album


Megan Thee Stallion had Twitter going crazy with her photo dump on Instagram. I mean, who could get past the first photo where she looks angelic with her lower body lying on the ground and ass tooted up in Pardi's face while he plays video games.

As if they couldn't be any cuter together, Pardi later shared a video of the surprise date he planned for Megan.

I love that we know they're a couple, but it's not all up in our faces, and when we do see them together, it's always on some real couple shit that we can all relate to. Not just them buying expensive jewelry and cars for each other.



Megan Thee Stallion Tweets She Wants To Do A Traumzaine Deluxe Album.

Megan teases a Traumazine deluxe album. This is a sign that she will continue to work this project and allows her to "start over." My only concern is what will stop Carl Crawford from leaking it again.


Popcast discusses how disrespectful Megan is in her raps. Will Traumazine Deluxe be disrespectful or more interpersonal?


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I wonder will the deluxe count as her last album and they can throw out the Something for the hotties lawsuit

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