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Megan Thee Stallion Will Be This Week's Host And Musical Guest On SNL - Watch Promo Clip (Updated)


Can Megan Thee Stallion be funny?

We will see as she is set to host and perform on Saturday Night Live this week. We all know SNL has not been funny for years, but they have managed to squeeze out some laughable moments. Let's hope one of those will be with Megan.

SNL dropped the first promo video featuring Megan with her big Texas hair...LOL.

This is a huge opportunity for Meg on an acting and musical front. Doing great on this show helped launch Justin Timberlake's acting career. So, crossing my fingers.


Updated 10/12 at 8:46 PM PST

Megan doing an SNL read-thru.


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We already know how cringe snl can be but I wonder what she's gonna perform.

Me gusta

12 oct 2022

I think she will do well.

Me gusta
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