Meghan Markle Says Royal Family Was Concerned About How Dark Son Archie Would Be

I have not been able to watch the full Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle yet, however, I wanted to post this explosive revelation by Meghan about the Royal family.

Megah revealed that someone in the Royal family spoke to Harry about the possibility of their son Archie coming out dark. This may be the reason he was son denied security and the title of "Prince."

Prince William's sons do have the title of "Prince."

It's funny because there is a sector of the Black community that is trying to separate biracial Blacks from being considered Black. But, if you look at what Meghan and her son experienced, how would it be any different if Harry married a full Black woman?

Do you guys think things would be different if William were King? I pray he is not actively apart of this mess

I think Oprah is forgiven by those who hated her before this interview lol.

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