Melii Reveals Why She Has Not Released Music, Omeretta Shows Love, and Where Are The Legends?

Melii quit music

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Another one bites the dust (hopefully not for long).

Rapper/Singer Melii confessed to her fans that she has not released music due to behind-the-scenes legal shit and announced her decision to give up her music's rights and essentially leave the music industry. Melii said, "I no longer want to continue doing music off of the strength that in this business you can't really trust."

What did Q-Tip tell us..."Industry rule number four-thousand-and-eighty; Record company people are shady."

Melii added, "Aside from just the legal stuff, I haven't been myself, not in this industry or environment. You never know peoples real intentions with you, and I say this to say, do what you love, but when it becomes draining, gets u paranoid; u don't feel urself anymore and/or can't figure out who is really on ur side, just take the high road."

Somebody tagged Omeretta, and she left some encouraging words.

"I've been there. Don't give up. It's okay to take a break, but don't let nobody break you. Trust me, I understand 1000%. Don't let nobody or your own self break you."

I love seeing support from female rappers who we know have been there and can really give a testimony.

It's times like this I really want to write a "FUCK YOU" letter to all the female rappers before this generation. I am sick and tired of seeing so many new girls getting burnt out from the sexual harassment, bad contracts, sabotage, etc.

I am just going to have to be that broken record and repeat myself. There should be something in place for these girls to go get help with the business and mental side of this industry. Many of these girls feel they have to go to men to get help, which is the problem. Not saying women can't be shady, but this is a male-dominated industry, and we need to change the power dynamics, IMO.

Too many legendary female rappers only want to compete or get praised by these new girls. None of them are thinking about making the industry better for the girls AFTER them.

I do not give an FCK who wore what Party City wig first or wore what outfit first. Who will be the first to step up and really assist these girls with the BUSINESS side of the music business. Who will show these girls the difference between a "female rap contract" and the contracts men are initially offered?

All this talk about female rappers owning a label and signing artists...pfffftttt. Signing to a label is not even a flex anymore. These girls need management. Who will be the first female rapper to get with the times and have their own Roc Nation management? Can you imagine a management company owned by a female rapper that already knows the bullshit that these girls face and is ready to help them avoid it? That is a win-win-win situation. The legend gets the respect and credit that she probably will never get by rapping and doing brand deals. The new girls avoid the mistakes that can end her career or have her broke by the end of it. The fans of female rap do not have to constantly hear about another girl leaving due to the industry bullshit.

This is really a whole topic in itself. I'm just disappointed in the older female rappers.

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