Met Gala - Go Awwwwf


Well, anyone who thought the Met Gala was going to be this epic battle between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, was wrong as fck. Both were underwhelming IMO. Nicki Minaj added some moles all over her body and face, put on a mullet cap, and called it a day, while Cardi B just did her Money look all over again. Neither stole the night.

I was worried about Megan Thee Stallion because I am not a fan of Jeremy Scott at all. But, he did not fck her over like he has others in the past. I really love the gilded feather cape. It was a solid outfit that I liked more and more as I noticed different details. However, I did wish there was more of a "wow factor" but you can't expect much from Jeremy when it comes to dressing Black girls. Shockingly, I feel like Meg was one of the best dressed tonight.

Lizzo was another standout to me. The black with the gilded patterns🔥

I thought Normani looked good. I only wish she had some gold in her outfit.

Jodie Turner-Smith was another standout to me🔥

Kylie Jenner looked a damn fool...along with others.




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