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Method Man Apologizes To Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams For Being Rude Years Ago


Math Hoffa interviewed Method Man on his show and got him to open up about a time in his life when he did not like himself. That inability to like himself caused him to take it out on others, and some of them just happened to be Destiny's Child.

Method Man recalled at Janet Jackson's Icon Award how he went up to say "Hi" to the trio when he thought they had ignored him. So, later during the show, when producer Rockwilder introduced Destiny's

Child to him and Redman, he refused to shake their hands and told them, "Go head with that Hollywood shit."



He revealed to Math that that shit hurts his heart because none of the girls did anything to him, but because he was so miserable, he felt at the time they didn't treat him how he should have been treated. So method offered up an apology to all three ladies.


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