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The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the Migos are suing their longtime lawyer, Damien Granderson, who they claim cheated them out of millions of dollars through excessive fees and bad deals. The group emphasized they were in their teens and early twenties with only a high school diploma and "Skrrrt, Skrrrt" dreams when they were "coaxed into a ONE-SIDED DEAL FOR THE BENEFIT OF A HIGHER-PRIORITY CLIENT, QUALITY CONTROL." Oh shit!

There's more. The Migos are also claiming that Granderson made things worse when he negotiated a 2018 amendment to an exclusive label agreement between Quality Control and Capitol Records. This amendment "TRIGGERED AN EXTENSION OF THE EXCLUSIVE RECORDING AGREEMENT BETWEEN QC AND MIGOS." Which allegedly contains terms that were unconscionable to the Migos.

Per the Hollywood Reporter:

Those terms require the Migos to render services directly to Capitol if the band ended its relationship with QCM, and it was drafted in a way that financially disincentivized it from doing so. Writes Freedman, "Granderson effectively prevented his other client – Migos – from ever being free of paying excessive compensation to QCM, from ever being signed to any other record label, and from ever obtaining negotiating leverage to secure reasonable terms in connection with the distribution of its musical recordings."


I don't know about y'all, but all I read was that the Migos want out of their deal with QC. Don't tell me that Lil Baby ran them out of QC. We know that Ole Girl is still fighting her contract with Shaft and possibly renegotiation with Atlantic Records. Will she be jumping the QC ship too??? This is going to get ugly, and secrets are going to start spilling out. Let's all get our buckets ready to catch all of them mofos LOL.


I want y'all to remember all the talk about Megan Thee Stallion when it was revealed she was trying to renegotiate her contract with 1501. People acted like she was obligated to just stick it out no matter what. It will be interesting to see the talk, now that it involves men.

What ya'll think?


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