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Misinformation Continues Around Tory Lanez Felony Assault Case

Police Report In Tory Lanez Shooting Falsely Shows Megan Thee Stallion Had Glass In Feet.


Today was a gloriously messy day!

The Tory-ianas got a hold of the initial police report from the morning Tory Lanez allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion. But, per usual, they showed they have no clue what the fck they are talking about and still scrambling for a defense.

Today, they were pushing the narrative that a doctor confirmed it was glass in Megan's feet, not bullet fragments. Not true. The doctor's report done the same day as the shooting shows bullet fragments were taken out of her feet...nuff said.

So, we are back to the glass story...

Well, unlike what usually happens when the Tory blogs post the same headLIES with the same narrative, where there is little to no pushback, it was on and poppin today. The Megan supporters showed up and showed out. I spent all day listening to the back and forth and enjoyed myself. So, I really don't have much more to say on this matter.

Except, I do want to point out something since it was brought up at Tory's April hearing. These police reports are considered part of an investigation and from what I can see are not supposed to be out to the public. When you make a request for a report, it is made public, and as you can see below back in 2020 Page Six and this year someone was turned down and told they need a subpoena or court order.

So, again, we have the same behavior that the DA told the judge about at Tory's April hearing, where she said there is an attempt to, "impact the impartiality of a fair jury trial."

People trying to help the defense are getting documents not only that they don't appear to understand, but willfully put out false narratives around. Now, this could be their attempt to make a case for Tory not being able to get a fair trial based on all the leaks his side put out. I personally hope that Tory Lanez gets another violation if they can tie him to this BS or one of his mouthpieces gets brought up on charges.

So, what are y'all thoughts on the hoopla?


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