Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I was listening to Mob Radio and almost got into a car accident because I had to roll my eyes at this caller. She decided to bring me up, so I am going to respond to her and anyone else who is on some clown shit. First, listen to the call below.

Let me start by saying, I have no issue with Milagro. I grew up being apart of different school/community organizations where people read lots of books and love to debate. The disagreement today on the show, was not a big deal to me. Y'all should have seen me debating 2 Pac vs Biggie in my dorm room lol. I love debating with people, but I hate arguing.

I like debating with Milli because I find her intelligent. That does not mean I always agree with her. The problem comes when people in the chat want to argue or whine, and then take things personally because they love Milli. Which is fine. That is why I said on a past show, I do not always comment when Milli says something I do not agree with. When I said that, people had a problem. I replied, when I say something it tends to be all about Milli vs Fck Yaya, and I did not want to take away from the show. People did not seem to understand what I was talking about. So, now today this caller proves my point.

CALLER: "But no one wants to hear you take up the whole muthafck'n show talking about the same bullsh*t."

Do I come up with the topics on Mob Radio or does Milli? If I had my way, Milli would never speak on Megan Thee Stallion again, but I DO NOT run Mob Radio. I DO NOT decide the topics. All I did was respond in the comment section, where everyone else did. Also, I did not bring up Megan, while she was talking about another topic. Milli could have changed the subject at any point and I would have welcomed it.

So to all the people who thought I was taking over the show, "NO ONE WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT POWER"....AND I DON'T.

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