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Forget rap battles, the chart battles are what I’m here for👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Since dinosaur days, #BillboardCharts has been the lone ruler in determining if a song is a HIT or a FLOP. It's an artist dream is to join the Hot 100 Club🥰. However, lately there’s been some pushback as to how legit are the Billboard Charts. On “What’s Free” Jay-Z said,

“We was praising Billboard, but we were young / Now I look at Billboard like “Is you dumb?”.

Tory Lanez also said that he doesn't believe the Billboard charts are real.

It doesn’t help when Billboard acts like a PR agent for certain rappers, allows bending of rules for a select few, and when told by Nielsen that there was a miscount; refuses to correct their charts or adequately address the issue.

So now the time as come🗣On May 13th, Rolling Stone Magazine will be launching their own music charts to break up the monopoly that Billboard has enjoyed for way too long.

My question is, what happens if Billboard & Rolling Stone have two different #1 songs? Billboard uses Nielsen, while Rolling Stone plans to get their data from Alpha. This will probably happen. Who can legitimately claim to have the #1 song in the country?

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