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Early Thoughts On Megan Thee Stallion's "Traumazine"

Megan Thee Stallion's "Traumazine" Album Review. Megan Is The Old Soul When It Comes To Rap. She Is The Girl Who Is Most LIke The Girls From The Golden Era Of Rap.



"I ain't perfect, but anything I did to any of you niggas, y'all deserved it," is how Megan Thee Stallion intros her sophomore album "Traumazine" on the Hitkidd-produced track "NDA."

Megan's platinum-selling debut, "Good News," was mainly about avoidance:

  • Avoiding her contract dispute with label 1501 Entertainment,

  • Avoiding the backlash she received for not being the "perfect victim" after being shot by Tory Lanez (allegedly).

  • Avoiding accusations by Blackistan media males that claimed she ignored Black platforms after she refused to allow them to profit off her pain.

  • Avoiding talking about losing both her parents at a young age

While that may have been what Megan needed at the time for her mental health, it did not stop fans and critics from wanting more than good news from the Houston rapper.

Megan Thee Stallion Delivers With Traumazine An Album That shows Growth And That Out Of All The Girls Is The Rap Girl

Well, Megan Thee Stallion heard the cries, complaints, and critiques and responded with her sophomore album "Traumazine." Where "Good News" is all about avoidance, "Traumazine" is where Megan Thee Stallion publicly confronts her emotions and sends warnings to those trying to sabotage her career.

"Sick of bein' humble, 'cause you bitches don't respect that

And the next one of y'all hoes wanna get bold, I'm gon' check that

And the next one of y'all blogs wanna spread lies, I'm gon' sue you (Yeah)

And the next bitch that break my NDA, they goin' for you too"

However, if you expect her to rehash the tragic night Tory Lanez shot her, you will be disappointed. The only direct reference to that night is on "Who Me" feat. Pooh Shiesty, where Megan says,

"I feel like Biggie; Who shot you? But everybody knows who shot me, bitch (Baow, Baow, Baow).

Instead, Megan reflects on the biased treatment she receives as an unambiguous Black woman in Hip Hop on the hard-hitting "Not Nice:"

"I guess my skin not light enough, my dialect not white enough (Damn)

Or maybe I'm just not shaped the way to make these niggas givе a fuck"

People often dismiss female rappers when they go public about abuse, especially if it's at the hands of an industry nigga. With how aggressive and assertive they are in the raps, people forget they are human too. But, with Megan being tall in a genre filled with "tea cups," she is often ridiculed and body shamed in ways her peers are not.

In songs like the much appreciated "Anxiety," something Megan admitted to having on L.A. Leakers, she speaks on people's contradictions of wanting her to tell her truth but then not believing her:

I'm a bad bitch, and I got bad anxiety

People call me rude 'cause I ain't lettin' 'em try me

Sayin' I'm a ho 'cause I'm in love with my body

Issues, but nobody I could talk to about it

They keep sayin' I should get help

But I don't even know what I need

They keep sayin' speak your truth

And at the same time say they don't believe, man

While on "Flip Flop," Meg addresses how sad she has been since losing her mother, not knowing who to trust, envious people, and how even with her success, she feels she is never doing enough.

"If your mama and daddy still walkin' this Earth

Then you probably ain't feelin' my pain (My pain)

I don't know why they want me to fail (Yeah)

I don't know why they hate me so much (Why?)

I keep brеakin' up all of these wins into ones

And feel likе I ain't doin' enough (Like I ain't doin' enough)"

Besides switching up the topics, Megan Thee Stallion decided to take a risk with the sounds. Of course, we have all heard her pop hit "Sweetest Pie," featuring Dua Lipa, but that was not Meg's only trip to Popland. On the Lucky Daye assisted-track "Star" rapping Meg takes a backseat to singing Meg.

"Star" has to grow on me. I have no issue with the singing, but the song sounds like 80s glitter, if that makes sense, and I would have to be in a certain mood to listen. Also, there is "HER," a track I think was inspired by her time on HBO Max's hit ballroom show "Legendary." This house track fits right in with the mood set by Beyonce. This is also another track I will need to be in the mood for, but this song seems to be a fan favorite.

Megan would not be Megan if she did not drop a good clean-clean nasty track. Ms. Nasty does it for me.

Regarding features, Megan kept it unexpected, from Dua Lipa to Latto, Rico Nasty, Lucky Daye, etc. Minus the Future feature, I did not mind anyone, and for the most part, they all fit. I was thrilled to see my ladies. It's no secret the men not named Kendrick are just not doing it for me right now.

But, speaking of men, Megan's Southside Royalty Freestyle with Sauce Walka, Big Pokey, and Lil Keke was what I wanted from her in terms of doing something very Houston. This probably could have come harder, but I ain't mad at it. Megan missed the mark by not having this track end the album.

Overall, I think this is a solid sophomore album that surprisely did not rely on obvious TikTok gimmicks or overpowering samples. Instead, it was just a real rap bitch album. When it comes to Megan in the rap game, even though she is only in her 20s, she is the old soul when it comes to rap. She is the one that reminds people of the golden era when rappers had fun rapping, and it was just that person and their mic.


This album is better than "Good News" in many ways, but what GD had that "Traumazine" lacks are the hit singles leading up to the release. People forget that GD had "Cry Baby," "Savage" remix, "Girls In The Hood," and "Body." All those songs are platinum or higher.

After "Sweetest Pie," the single choices were mishandled, but no need to dwell on what coulda, shoulda been done. Megan has good songs to work with on this project, and the visuals are compelling, not to mention those visualizers created by the Boondocks' animator. Megan needs to highlight those in some

way to help promote the album. They are so dope.

Also, someone made a "Traumazine" album cover for Megan's dog, and that got me thinking that Megan should set up a cover generator for fans to create their own "Traumazine" covers and maybe even let them pick their fave song for the background.

Social media promotion has its limitations. However, if Megan commits herself to working this album for more than 1 week, all those trying to take shots will be eating crow, and I will have fun writing about it.

*The album just dropped on Friday, so I will come back to update as I sit with the album more.


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Aug 15, 2022

I don't care about numbers at all. This is by far Megan's best work...I'm proud of her.

That Southside Royalty freestyle is pure gold. I've been waiting on an Anxiety/Flip Flop type of song and she really opened up.

Meg truly outdid herself with this one. I love the theme and cohesiveness as you mentioned Yaya.

Although...I could've done without the features to be honest. Meg knows her to hold her own unlike other artists so I don't think they were as needed.


PAC’s Wifey 🤣
PAC’s Wifey 🤣
Aug 15, 2022

I love this album better than GN. I am loving how diverse Meg has become because in this climate, u can’t be a 1 trick pony. Some of the singing made me 🤭 but I love that she is trying new things.

Replying to

Her singing on Star was nice but on Red wine it gotta grow on me lol


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Aug 15, 2022

HER is the next single.


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Aug 15, 2022


I love the project..I feel like the only feature that's completely unnecessary 8s pooh shiesty ..he couldn't even find the beat

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