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New Music Thursday - Go Awwwf

New Music Friday - Nicki Minaj "Bussin" Saweetie featuring H.E.R. "Closer"


There were several songs, videos, promo tracks released tonight which included:

  • Nicki Minaj w/ Lil Baby - Bussin

  • Saweetie w/ H.E.R. - Closer

  • Future - Worst Day

  • Fivio w/ Ye and Alicia Keys - City of Gods

  • Kali w/ Yung Bleu - UonU

This is y'all chance to let me know what y'all liked, hated, thought was Ok and why. Go Awwwf below.


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Feb 12, 2022

I really like Kali’s song! Didn’t bother streaming the rest 🥱


Aww poor Saweetie, the comments were tragic on TNHT about her song but I love when this sound for her, although I do see the comparisons but who cares, I like the song! Cute shower/getting ready bop

Bussin is super cute, I like how she switched it up at the end. I like singing Nicki despite how everyone else feels lol

Future= same song/different day

Kali is one of my new favs! I love her sound plus she's a natural chocolate queen lol


Unknown member
Feb 11, 2022

The Queen did not disappoint… Bussin is 🔥


Saweetie… I don’t like how it reminds me of say so so unfortunately this was it for me. Future literally sounds the same, I felt like I’ve heard this song before. I personally didn’t care for it but I’m sure his fans will support. Favio again sounded like another one of his songs he has, Ye flowed and brought the energy 🔥🔥 but overall the song was koo. Nicki Minaj I think this song is lit for the clubs and I can see it going up in strip clubs, day parties, getting ready to turn up, tik tok. I’m not a club person I like to chill so DWHAP is better in my opinion. ill put this on my workout…


Didn't like any of them tbh. But with onika dropping an album this year female rap should be interesting.

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