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New Music Tonight: Summer Walker, Saweetie, And Dreamdoll

Summer Walker and JT's New Single "Ex For A Reason"


Summer Walker is dropping her highly-anticipated single "Ex For A Reason" featuring City Girl JT tonight. The song is from her upcoming album "Still Over It."

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Summer's rollout? This was an ADULT rollout void of any trolling. She began with a preview of the "Ex For A Reason" music video. She then started promoting her album by introducing us to "Summer's Hard Drive." She even gave the hard drive its own IG page, which I suggest y'all follow. Finally, last night, she posted photos of a truck with a neon pink message: If You're Reading This My New Single Is Dropping Friday" using a familiar font.

To me, this is way more creative than Drake's billboards that many in the media tried selling as "genius."


Anitta is teaming up with Saweetie for a new song, "Fake Love." I have heard of Anitta, but not really familiar with her. I'm here for Saweetie. Hopefully, this song will make top 40.


Dreamdoll is dropping her new single, "You Know My Body." featuring Capella Grey. Just from the snippet, I am intrigued. I love the rap songs, with the R&B singers on the hooks.

Y'all know I have been telling y'all that Dreamdoll needs to be added to the "Up Next" conversations.

She has Warner Records and Brooklyn Johnny pushing her and the girl can rap. All she needs is to get on Billboard Hot 100, no matter the placement, and that may be enough to bump her up to another level among the girls.


Which Drop Will You Check Out?


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