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Nicki Minaj And Travis Scott Battle For #1 Referenced In College Textbook


Nicki Minaj has long pushed for her fans to get an education, so it's fitting she would end up in a college textbook. Wolf Jai on Twitter posted, "They put the Queen in my Behavioral Stats textbook @NICKIMINAJ part of my college education."

The text uses a photo of Nicki Minaj from 2018 Milan Fashion Week with a caption asking if there is a better way to define an artist's popularity than using the OUTDATED methods of the Billboard charts. The book also highlights Nicki Minaj's battle for #1 with Travis Scott.

Who knew that battle for #1 would be so historic?

I love that college students are being taught that Billboard ain't shit.

This is not the first time Nicki Minaj was used to help make a subject more relatable to students. In 2020, a professor went viral after using Nicki Minaj's lyric in a chemistry equation.


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Aww this is actually pretty cool. Lmaoooooo the funniest part of everything was the memes that came from it about Nicki & Stormi beefing😂

Nicki gone do the most everytime, love it!

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