Nicki Minaj Does An Unfollow Spree on Instagram and People Lose Their Damn Minds

Nicki Minaj is unfollowing people on Instagram so she can hit 0 and start over again. That's the story...period. It's something that many people do as a social media cleansing thing. However, we know that people love to create negative narratives with social media.

So, what will Nicki's narrative be? Is she starting beef with Ariana Grande by unfollowing her? Nicki unfollowed Megan because she is jealous of WAP's success. How about, Nicki is mad that Doja Cat did not submit the Say So Remix for the Grammy; that is why she got the boot.

I bet I could sell any of those narratives that I pulled out my ass because so many people want to believe the worse about Nicki Minaj or anyone successful. Good thing I don't participate in that type of clown shit; however, many STANs, other bloggers, and forum pages do. I won't even get into Lipstick Alley.

I wish Nicki would do an unfollow party on Twitter. She has nothing but toxic energy over there.

Here are some reactions:

I guess Nicki Minaj has a lot of beefs...fck'n clowns.

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