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Today Nicki Minaj did a social media drive-by and posted just one word on her Twitter and IG story....MEGATRON. She even changed her social media headers to "MEGATRON".

Megatron immediately makes people think of her song stealing verse on Future's "Transformer" song.

Nicki Minaj posted on IG Story
Nicki Minaj post on IG Story

People are speculating that Nicki Minaj may be returning sooner rather than later with some new music. They are also speculating that Megatron may be a new alter-ego. This all after it has been reported by TMZ that she was not dropped from Chris Brown's tour. TMZ confirms that Nicki Minaj never did agree to the tour. It was rumors spread by over zealous STANS.

Hip Hop so far has been so boring without Nicki Minaj / Queen Radio. Nicki Minaj's absence has proven that "WE NEED RAPPERS LIKE HER".

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