Flashback Friday: Nicki Minaj Talks Jay-Z Recommendation and Beyonce


We know that Nicki Minaj loves or should I say loved herself some Jay-Z. In this old interview, Nicki is speaking about how she was shocked that Jay-Z recommended her to Robin Thicke for their song "Shakin It For Daddy" and how Jay is a "mythical figure."

She also spoke about how scary it was to perform with Robin as Jay-Z and Beyonce watched, but Bey was so into her performance.

It's funny because everyone just thinks of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki as the "Holy Trinity." Still, many forget that Bey and Rihanna were already superstars by the time Nicki blew up. So, for her to work herself to their level is impressive when you think about the timeline.

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