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Nicki Minaj Makes Her Social Media Return With One Word "FRIDAY"




It only took Nicki Minaj two photos and one word, "Friday," to shut the internet DOWN! Nicki's fans have been screaming that female rap is boring without her, and now we get to see if Nicki Minaj will give the way she supposed to have gave this Friday. The only mystery is if she is dropping music or something else. Even though Friday is the new music day, Nicki Minaj's photos look more like a Chanel ad than a cover for a single or album. Poor Fendi.

Look at those baby hairs...I know Ari Fletcher is pissed..hahahahaahaha!

Do y'all think it's music this Friday?


In other news, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj followed each other on Instagram. It looks like the Holy Trinity are all getting along...finally. Nicki is going to have some allies this era...thanks, Irving.


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mariam camara
mariam camara
10 may 2021

It’s not only the barbz who were begging for nicki return and calling female rap boring...

Me gusta
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