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Nicki Minaj has been in her feelings the last couple of days and it ended with a retirement....maybe. Yesterday Nicki Minaj tweeted she was retiring, which took everyone by shock and I took as a joke. Let me just say that I think rappers making retirement announcements is corny. So, I was praying that Nicki Minaj was not go out with a corny "retirement tweet".

Nicki Minaj announces her retirement from music in a 2019 tweet. She later takes it back and calls it insensitive of her.

Here are the events that led up to Nicki's retirement:

  • Tuesday - Nicki clapsback at random woman who said something about her "husband"

  • Wednesday - Nicki gets into with Hip Hop DX over them claiming her music doesn't really tell them about who she is

  • Thursday - Nicki "retires"

This is why I gave the "retirement" tweet a side-eye. Nicki had been taking everything very personal lately. I just feel that Nicki Minaj is just emotionally exhausted at this point. I also feel that Nicki Minaj does not have a great team around her. When you think of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, you think about how they have a great team. With Nicki Minaj, I always get the feeling she is a one woman team. I can't decide if she is just very bad at delegating or she just does not trust enough people to handle stuff for her.




There is no way a happy and focused Nicki Minaj would have purposely distracted attention away from the Hot Girl Summer music video by clapping back at a random girl who said what we were all thinking. This is how I know Nicki must be emotionally exhausted by this blackballing. Which is what a blackballing is intended to do. If they can't make you submit, then they hope you quit.

I think Nicki is at the stage of her career where she realizes that she really does not want to be apart of "the culture"......right now. I'm relating this to my own experience of being blackballed in my profession. After years of defending my reputation, documenting everything, and finally seeing karma work against my enemies, I was left with "ehhh". I had come to the realization that I no longer loved my profession. I no longer had a desire to be "part of the team" or to impress any of those muthaf*ckaz.

I feel like when Nicki posted that "retirement" tweet, she realized she was fighting for something she really did not want or at least didn't want at this time. Nicki Minaj has been on Queen Radio for a year calling people out who have slandered her and has yet to be proven as a liar. But, you will still have people in Hip-Hop media writing negative narratives about her based on what they wish had happening or totally erasing her from Hip-Hop history. The excerpt below is from an article about rapper Rapsody. The writer notes that Rapsody's 2017 Grammy nomination for Best Rap album came 17 years after no woman had been nominated.

Nicki Minaj tweets she is retirning from rap and then takes it back.
The Curious Case of Rapsody's "Eve".... by Najma Sharif

Nicki Minaj's "The PinkPrint" was nominated in 2015. I am not the best with math but that ain't no

17 years. This is the type of unprofessional clown sh*t that Nicki Minaj has been dealing with and it is often from women writers. But, when she says anything about it, writers then run to twitter to complain about rappers not being able to take legit criticisms, blah-blah.


Why would Nicki Minaj want to be apart of a Hip-Hop culture that is being stripped of what makes it special every year. A culture that has not figured out how to respect the legends, while cheering on the youth. A culture that pits women against her and then blames her for the "beef". A culture that bashes her for having the audacity to think she is equal to her male peers. A culture that makes a new female rapper feel comfortable throwing a shoe at her, because the attacker knows her narrative will be reported as the truth (even in the absence of proof).

I want to point out that Nicki Minaj is not the only rapper over it. Every week there is a rapper expressing their unhappiness when it comes to the industry. These are rappers who are not being blackballed, so imagine what Nicki must be going through. Also, many of the issues Nicki has brought up on Queen Radio have become popular discussions within the culture. I am hearing the word "blackball" way more often now. A payola investigation is being requested. Female rappers who didn't care about who wrote their rhymes, now want credit for being a writer.


Nicki Minaj later posted on Twitter that her "retirement" tweet was "abrupt" and "insensitive" to her fans. She will clarify things on the next Queen Radio. I am glad Nicki did this because like I said the "retirement" stuff ain't it. I do think Nicki will take a "Rihanna Break" and start a family and just enjoy life away from music. I encourage that. I don't even think she needs to drop her "5th thing thing". She really owes no one anything, including her Barbz.

Nicki Minaj takes back her tweet about retiring and plans to discuss it on Queen Radio.


No matter what Nicki Minaj decides, YOU BITCHES ARE STILL HER SONS!

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