Nicki Minaj Returned To The Stage, But Not The Livestream, For Essencefest 2022 (Updated)

Updated: 7/2 at 8:24 AM PST

I had heard about the shot to Ye but had not actually seen it until now. WOW...Nicki inability to get out of her own way amazes me. Standing there winded as hell, leaning on the DJ booth and taking shots at Ye was not a good look.

Also, this may be the promo that song needed cause people were not feeling it but you know people love being messy.



Nicki Minaj returned to the stage with a performance at Essencefest New Orleans. But, of course, since Nicki was involved, you know there had to be a hiccup, and that came when Angela Yee informed the Hulu streaming audience that due to circumstances outside of their control, Nicki Minaj's performance would not be live streamed.

That news left a lot of people scrambling to find those kind enough to stream the performance on their platforms. As one of those wandering souls, I really did not get to experience the show the way I would have preferred to give a fair review. But, from what I did see, it did appear the show started off Lil amateurish and quickly reminded me that Nicki is a rapper, not a performer. But, as she got to bring out people like Birdman and especially Lil Wayne, Nicki loosened up and looked like she started to have fun. We all know Nicki is not a dancer, but she was out there doing her Lil grinding and even tried to hit the robot😭.

You know a Nicki show would be nothing if she did not feed her Barbras by throwing shots at her copycats, so that was included too.

Nicki dancing her lil heart out....GO NICKI GO NICKI GO!


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