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Nicki Minaj's Husband, Kenneth Petty, Requested More Time To Prepare For Trial

nicki minaj's husband kenneth petty postponed  trial  to help build a defense


Multiple media outlets are reporting that Nicki Minaj's hubby, Kenneth Petty, has requested to have his trial postpone until August. The reason is due to Petty having two new lawyers on his team and they need more time to prepare a defense. Petty's originally hearing date was on June 29th.

Do y'all think Kenneth will do any time?


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Per the court documents that’s not the full reason his lawyers didn’t change since the last time he changed them last December plus per the court documents his lawyers asked to pushed it because 2 of his lawyers got 2 big trial coming one for human traffic and another for murder so zoo case is not important beside this 2 cases, that’s why they asked to postponed and this not the first time they pushed since last year even last February and the media never talked about it but surprisingly now the media want to talk about it lol smell fishy to me and even avoiding some information like he has no more curfew, no ankle monitor, and can travel…

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