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Nicki Minaj's IG Live with Monica and Keyshia Cole: A Sign of Things to Come?

Last night, the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj, took to Instagram Live for a lighthearted and impromptu session with R&B royalty Monica and Keyshia Cole. The three ladies were in high spirits, cracking jokes, harmonizing, and even creating improvised songs on the spot. While the vibe was playful and entertaining, there was a question hanging in the air:

Will Monica and Keyshia Cole be on Nicki Minaj's upcoming album, "Pink Friday 2"?

This IG Live session, which lasted for over twenty minutes, could be seen as a subtle hint from Nicki Minaj about the upcoming release of her highly tweeted-about album, "Pink Friday 2," scheduled for release on her birthday, December 8th. The presence of Monica and Keyshia Cole, two of the most respected voices in R&B, suggests their potential involvement in the album, which, for myself, fuels some interest in "Pink Friday 2" past mere blogging purposes.



Despite my past criticisms of Nicki Minaj and her antics, a small part of me still roots for her to tap back into musically what made "Pink Friday" a culture-shifting moment in 2010. Can she put aside her feuds with "opps" and return to "Yesterday's Nicki," who gave fans catchy hooks, versatile flow, and a willingness to push boundaries?

Another intriguing factor surrounding the release of "Pink Friday 2" is the question of age. This album will

Nicki Minaj on Instagram Live with Monica and Keyshia Cole.

drop as Nicki Minaj turns 41 years old; during a time in Hip Hop when Nas experienced a resurgence in his late 40s, Andre 3000 made a statement in a GQ interview suggesting he had nothing left to rap about being in his 40s, while her mentor Lil Wayne, at 41, says he has "everything to talk about."

"Pink Friday 2" will determine whether Nicki Minaj aligns more with Nas and Lil Wayne, who still have plenty to say in their 40s, or Andre 3000, who feels he's lost his lyrical inspiration.

However, the album's success truly depends on whether Nicki Minaj returns to the core audience that made her a success – women – a demographic she has seemingly abandoned in recent years for the sake of appealing to a male-dominated fanbase. But with women like Monica and Keyshia Cole involved in the project, it suggests we may get some attention on this album. Still, with Nicki's track record, I'm always prepared for the letdown.


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