There are always conspiracy theories surrounding Nicki Minaj verses. I am interested in what stood out to you that others may not have missed and what is your fave line?

All of you bitches is food

If you the opps, you gon' be singin' the blues

Feelin’ like Bishop in Juice

Word to my dude, this Jimmy Choo on my shoes

All of my niggas is makks

This is a fact, this ain’t no cap (-ap)

All of my bitches is bad, word to my dad

They know we get to the bag

Move my hips, okay

Tell him to go, then I tell him to stay, hey

Baby, it's okay, I have been having one hell of a day, yay

Saint Laurent all on my shades, then I pull up in a cherry Mercedes, yay

Strawberry shortcake hair, Chinese bangs with my two braids, ayy

Straight from out of Queens headed to Harlem now

I got the panda mink on and it's growlin’ now

Already bodied Plain Jane and we mobbin’ now

That's 'cause all these fake niggas try to rob my style

Yo, these bitches really be slow, tell 'em I'm Billy the G.O.A.T

I'm getting that dough, my neck and my wrist really glow

My model bitch all up in Vogue

All up in Vogue, put on my Versace robe

Streak in my hair like I'm Rogue

Nigga, you know, you better not tip on your toes

They grippin’ the .40 below (Ah)

Lyrics courtesy of Genius

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